So it was another normal day. My husband Allen and I… trying to figure out what we want to eat. It’s a miracle if we figure out before I’m so hungry I turn into someone straight off a snickers commercial.


We sat there for at least 30 minutes until we came up with the idea to google “Things to eat when you are really hungry” Yes. We do get to this point quite often before we decide on our own what to eat.

Cici’s pizza. The beautiful haven of cheesy goodness. It was pretty much a clear sign when we saw the words “Now serving STUFFED crust”.


It was basically everything I had ever dreamed of. We barged in bellies growling and game faces on. We fast walked to the stuffed crust and shamelessly took almost the whole pizza. (We told ourselves it was ok since there was another in the process of being made.) Then we sat down and thanked the Jesus man for all the delicious cheesiness he had given us, for the creation of cheese and carbs, and our ability to ingest this much junk without falling over dead.

Three plates of pizza in, I noticed an elderly man at another table eyeballing us. I like names, so for the sake of this story his name is Old Man Jerry. I naturally just assumed Old Man Jerry was impressed with our eating skills and continued to stuff my face.



Whhaaallleeee eventually, every belly has an end. We were at least 7 brownies in when we decided we had been defeated by THE CICI’S. Before we could strike up enough courage to attempt to move without popping, Old Man Jerry was standing over us.

And this is how it played out:

Old man Jerry: “Excuse me, I noticed that y’all ate all of the brownies. Well you suck because I wanted one B’s!!!” *table flip!!!*

We stood up in shock, and I slipped on a slice of pizza, toppling to the ground as Old Man Jerry drop kicked Allen. Everyone stared frozen with shock, I reached for my brownie (5 second rule), and everything exploded and he walked out with his family to the tune “Back in Black” by AC/DC.

The End


And this is how it played out (for real):

Old Man Jerry: “Excuse me, I noticed you two praying before your meal. I am thankful for that. It is encouraging to see that in a public area. God rocks my socks. ” (This is a paraphrase of course. I have the memory of a gold fish.)

Then he simply walked out with his family (AC/DC was still playing in my head so I’d say it still counts).

I cuddled up in bed that night, gassing up the place because turns out bodies don’t like taking in that much grease at once, or at all… ever. Seriously that is like a lifetime of grease all in one meal. How am I alive?

While laying there I just smiled. (I know this sounds creepy now…like I’m planning a murder or I’m about to pull a Dutch oven on Allen, but this is not the case. Although that did happen…) I smiled because our God is truly awesome. He can use anything, something as small as stuffed crust, for his glory.

Ephesians 1:11- In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will

I felt so useeeeeddd. In the best way possible. God chose to use something Allen and I didn’t even realize other people  see (seriously we are always in or own little world). He used our craving for stuffed crust, the positioning of our table, and helped us remember to pray (nobody is perfect guys) all for His plan and His purpose. Sometimes the greatest moments, the unintentional moments when you have no idea others are watching, are the moments that accomplish more for or against Christ than the things we do intentionally.

He also used Old Man Jerry as a great reminder that it is because of Him we have anything at all. (I loved that Old Man Jerry even pointed his thanks to God while saying a simple thank you to us- which may not be clear in my terrible paraphrase earlier… but it was definitely a thank you upstairs, we knew who he was truly thanking.) A great reminder to always be thankful. Thanks Jesus for Pizza and Purpose!

The coolest thing about this, is we ain’t anything special. He can do it with ANYONE, even if we don’t realize He is doing it at the time. David for example: the writer of Psalms. On top of defeating a giant, being chased around by Saul, & being king of millions of peeps, he effects BILLIONS through his writing of the book of Psalms to this day. I bet he possibly had no idea God would use Psalms so greatly even thousands of years after David’s death. He must be in heaven feeling like a straight up gangsta. Rappin’ his Psalms to the angels. Like “As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I eat a sandwich WITH PROVOLONE! Because God is with me so who cares if I have cheese when I’m lactose intolerant. Son!”

Yea that was super…CHEESY. ;D

David just likes singing a little…R & BRIE.

Gah, cheese puns are…GRATE.

Holy Macaroni Brittany!!! You GOUDA be kidding me right now!

*Buh duh chhhhhh

Ok ok ok…

All Cheese puns aside (for now):

Just like David, God knows us. He loves us. And He has a pleasing and perfect plan for our lives. Everything you go through, every trial you face and will face is preparation for your future. Every set back can be a comeback with the Jesus man! And He can use your life for His glory in ways you never even imagined when you align the desires of your heart for the desires He has for you.

Jermemiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Whether you are facing trials in your life, suffering a great loss, or simply stuffing your face, God has got you and will not bring you harm. He has a perfect plan and has the power to use anything for good. It is not saying that nothing bad will ever happen. We will have failure, heartbreak, and other hurts as long as we live on this planet (or any planet… you can’t just move to Mars and think it will help people) BUT turning to Him in those trials will bring hard learned lessons, supernatural comfort for not okay situations, and even peace where you never thought it could be found.

We just have to give it to Him.

What a humbling experience to know even my pizza is predestined for greatness.