Life Disclosure

The One Blog To Rule Them All- Life experiences filled with nerdy references, tiny occasional bursts of epiphany, and random (possibly inappropriate) remarks.

Metaphorical Cheese

Life Disclosure: I sometimes pregame with laxatives because of the amount of cheese I eat on a daily basis. It is why I am so cheesy when I write. 😉 I know. I know. You are reading this in full... Continue Reading →

One year later

The post you are about to read has a different tone than my usual writing. I will share memories of a dear friend- in hopes people who knew him get to see a picture of him they may not have... Continue Reading →

A Good, Solid Poop

My favorite part of our honeymoon was when I acquired what one may call explosive diarrhea. It was six in the AM. I woke up suddenly as my butthole told me "Rise and Shine. It's game time." We were in... Continue Reading →

Dirty Grapes

So. A couple of years ago I created this blog then set it to private and left it to die because I am terrified of people reading anything I write. So if you manage to get through this- just pretend... Continue Reading →

Predestined for Pizza

STORY TIME!!! So it was another normal day. My husband Allen and I... trying to figure out what we want to eat. It's a miracle if we figure out before I'm so hungry I turn into someone straight off a... Continue Reading →

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